Novotex S.A. has been working with the Far East over a decade. The company has great experience & direct contact with Asian countries and is doing a lot of business with China, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia. Our senior buyers travel regularly to different cities of the Far East, in order to source the best items, suitable to the Greek market and establish good business contacts with their suppliers. They also visit Texworld fair in Paris, the most important textile fair with Asian & Chinese participants, to contact their suppliers and find new ones.

Our traditional European suppliers continue to be our source for more fashionable and “last minute” items.

For many articles, our orders from the Far East can reach a high number of containers, provided that delivery time and quality are satisfactory. The company requires high quality standards of finishing, weight and colors. Delivery deadlines are very important, almost decisive, since the company’s clients are very time conscious, particularly because many of them export to European countries and cannot afford quality problems and / or delays.