Each year, the company presents 2 main collections, one for Spring / Summer and one for Fall / Winter. They include a line for children wear, both boys and girls, and a line for teenagers and young people. The trends are based on detailed information from fashion shows, such as Premiere Vision, Tissu Premier, Pitti Bimbo etc.

In addition to the main collections, the company has recently started, to present last minute items, the Pronto Moda collection, with new ideas for each season, selected from the latest fashion trends in France, Spain & Italy. This way, customers have the opportunity to complete and upgrade their original collection by adding new last-minute fashion ideas.

All collections include a complete range of qualities and designs, of knitted and woven articles of different weights.

In addition to the clothing fabrics, the company provides every season, a special line of plain and printed qualities for homewear, sleepwear and beachwear as well as materials suitable for tourists.